Paramarsh undertakes employees on offroll. Candidates working at your establishment can be given under our employment and they shall act as Flexi / Off Roll / Outsourcing Staff. We are responsible for taking care of complete offroll services of our clients as well as all HR Administrative activities including statutory employee benefits and compliances for the outsourced resources. The operational and performance related aspects are monitored by the client and the client retains complete control of the same. We shall make monthly billing for all offroll employees and we shall be liable for their disbursement of wages. No master servant relationship between you and the Flexi / Off Roll / Outsourcing  Staff.

Flexi / Off Roll / Outsourcing Staff  Services Includes:

  • Joining formalities of all new joiners
  • Reference check of new employees / Verification of new employees / Physical Verification of new employees, as per the client requirements.
  • Issue all kind of letters to the new employees like offer letters, Appointment letters etc..
  • Issue ID cards to the new joiners, as per the client requirement
  • Issue Uniform to the new joiners, as per the client requirement
  • Payroll process as per the payroll services,
  • Employee Counseling (as per the client requirement)
  • Trainings & Guidelines(as per the client requirement)
  • Exit formalities & Full and Final Settlements of left employees.
  • Process of PF withdrawal / transfer of left employees.
  • Statutory & Labor Law compliances services pertaining to the Flexi / off Roll Staffing.